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Rental Plans: Total Volume Plan

Have you ever replaced your copying equipment before the end of its lease agreement and had to include the settlement figure in your new agreement?

Ever got caught with aged equipment that needs upgrading but you’re stuck with it because it’s tied to a finance agreement?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then our Total Volume Plan (TVP) is the answer. TVP is an agreement that enables easier management of the copying and printing function of your business and solves the problems above.

What is it?

TVP allows your entire printing and copying facility to be managed through one service and rental contract. The agreement is set-up in such a way that it can end when the machine has achieved its optimum volume rather than the chronological term of the finance agreement.

TVP shows your printing and copying costs as both a quarterly charge and as a cost per print – allowing easy comparison with your current costs and showing you the true cost of ‘ownership’.

 How does it work?

Your equipment supplier will agree with you the estimated number of prints you will produce quarterly. This figure will become the basis of a minimum billing which will cover the cost of both equipment rental and service. The cost for any excess copies will be collected as a separate charge quarterly in arrears.

Your rental and service agreement can end either when the term over which the agreement was set expires or when the machine has achieved the total number of copies stated within the maximum billing.

Summary of TVP: Key Features

  • An all inclusive cost per print agreement.
  • The payments include both equipment rental and service.
  • A contracted quarterly print volume is agreed at the outset.
  • Excess prints over the agreed quarterly volume are billed and contribute to the reduction of the contracted period.



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