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Printer Leasing Guide

If you’re new to leasing equipment then this guide is perfect for you, as we will tell you everything you need to know when considering printer leasing for your business.

What's the difference between Leasing and Renting?

No matter the size of your business; small, medium and large we will accommodate your needs and unite you with the ideal printer for you. We understand that sourcing office equipment can be very expensive and complicated, so here at CBS, we’ve created an easy onboarding process to take away the stress.

Printer Leasing is commonly mixed up with Printer Renting, these are two very different services. Printer Renting is normally for short term hire (less than 30 days) and renting is normally a long term contracted agreement between two parties. Printer leasing will sometimes include additional services within the contract, for example; ink and paper refills, technical support, etc. This will limit the focus of printer maintenance from your company and allow the CBS team to take control of everything. Printer Rental being short term will normally work out more expensive than leasing as the supplier will need to make the short term hire worthwhile, therefore at CBS, we offer printer leasing within a wide range of different products to accommodate for different needs and budgets.

Printer Features to Consider

Cost Per Page (CPP)

This is a very important metric to take into consideration when you are choosing which printer will be most appropriate for your business. Cost Per Page is the price it costs your business for every page printed. This is calculated by taking the price of your ink cartridge and dividing it by the number of pages it can print before it runs out. This is very useful for working out your monthly printing cost, this will let you decide if one of ower cloud services or document management systems to help you reduce your monthly cost. Here at CBS our Cost Per Print can vary a lot, from as little 0.0029p per mono or 0.029p for colour prints.

Print Speed & Size

All our printers here at CBS have different print speeds to allow for companies who require a printer with a high volume of pages per minute. On average our printers print between 20 and 65 pages per minute, we have loads of printers that fit into this bracket and ones that can print up to 80 pages per minute. You may also require a printer that can print different sized documents; A5, A4 and A3. Depending on the size of your organisation our team will help advise you on which printer will meet your printing variation and volume.

Paper Capacity

Paper Capacity in your printer is an important consideration as a smaller capacity for the paper will mean the printer will need to be refilled frequently, most of our office printers will have a capacity of between 250 to 2500 pages. Paper Capacity will be affected by the printer’s speed as printers with a high page per minute will require a larger page capacity. One thing you need to consider when choosing a printer is that printers have a Duty Cycle, this is the number of pages a printer can print a month before it starts to affect the health of the printer. Running the printer at max volume per month will affect the quality of the printer in the long run and it may make it more prone to breakdowns and malfunctions.


The advancement of technology in the last few years has made connectivity seamless and so when choosing a printer you will need to consider this to choose a printer that will integrate into your current IT systems. Some of our printers can run off the cloud to make them easily integrable with cloud systems, which is perfect for a large office with multiple users.

Additional Features (Double-sided, stapling, laminating, fax)

We offer a wide range of printer photocopiers to meet everyone’s budgets and with this, you need to consider the main features but also the additional features that could have a big impact on your company. Additional features can save you money if you can get a printer that will replace you by buying an additional appliance, for example, a printer having a laminating function, faxing, or stapling. This will save you money and time.

Why should you lease a printer instead of buying one?

Running a business can be hard with trying to reduce costs wherever possible becomes a daily task, so if you are reading this then you either want to upgrade your existing printer or you are looking for your first office printer. By now you will have realised that buying an office printer is really expensive, so what can you do? Well at CBS we offer printer leasing, this allows you to get a top-of-the-range printer for a small monthly cost and therefore allows for a smoother cash flow.


–  Optimised cash flow: Leasing a printer will only require suitable regular amounts and so your cashflow won’t be disrupted by paying thousands for a new printer.
–  Hassle-free Maintenance: CBS will maintain and repair any malfunctions with the printer allowing you to focus on your business.

Our Services

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IT Security

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Cloud Services

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Document Management

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