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Cloud Services in Yorkshire

Our fantastic cloud services allow you to incorporate your systems, databases, storage and networks into one easy and accessible private location. This ensures the safety of your business’ data.

Cloud Hosting Services in Yorkshire

We use a flexible cloud service that can be adjusted to suit the needs of individual businesses in Yorkshire. Regardless of company size and intent on use, our cloud services can become home to all of your important business systems. Cloud Services can allow for inter employee networking to help accelerate productivity as they can share files and ideas from anywhere seamlessly. Our databases are custom designed to your needs, if you want a place to store your customer databases or need the security of data in the case of damage to office equipment.

Our cloud services have a variety of uses, including:
-Store and recover data
-Create infrastructure
-Deliver software
-Stream videos and audio

Our Cloud Hosting Services:
We will ensure that your database will be fully operational all the time, as our IT engineers will be ready to fix any problems that arise. This will make sure your database is dependable and easy to use to allow the cloud hosting service to seamlessly integrate into your business daily processes.
We provide a high quilty security framework to keep everything stored within your Cloud Hosting Service to be kept secure and private. Multiple checks are carried out daily to check for any suspect attempts on the security of the database to allow you to feel comfortable storing important/confidential data on our servers.
All our custom designed Cloud Services will give you an array of functionalities to help you streamline daily tasks or organise content in a more presentable manner.

If you have any queries or questions about our Cloud Services, please call us now we are happy to help and strive to become the best Cloud Hosting Service provider in Yorkshire!


Fully Managed

We have every aspect of your backup cycle covered.


Our cloud systems are backed by award-winning technology.


You will be able to backup your business-critical data, servers, endpoints AND sync data to enable access from mobile devices.


We use the strongest available encryption.

Commerce Business Systems

Experienced & Trustworthy Partners

Our IT services team has years of experience in managing and developing solutions for businesses. We work in partnership with you, understanding your business requirements first, then matching technology solutions from a wide range of vendors and suppliers.

You can rely on CBS IT Services to guide you through the maze of technology products and services, working with you through design, deployment and maintenance, ensuring that you get the solutions that are right for your business and service you can rely on.

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